Tryout Training: Day 1

Our second tryout for the 2014 season is just under a month away! To help those of you who are preparing for our 500m swim in under 9 minutes, we will be posting pool workout ideas each Monday, Wednesday and Friday in the coming weeks to help get you ready for the tryout swim and our Rookie School.

Day 1

Warm up
300m swim (choice of stroke)
300m Drill Swim IM order (Butterfly, Back, Brest, Free)
Main Set
3 x 200m swim pace on 3:45
3 x 50m swim with fins on 0:50
3 x 50m sprint on 1:10
2 x 200m pull on 3:45
3 x 50m swim with fins on 0:50
3x 50m sprint on 1:10
200m sprint
100m easy
200m kick with fins
4 x 50m kick choice
Warm down
200m easy


Check out a full list of pool workouts in our Training section. Or if you’re looking for other workout ideas, give us a call at 409-763-4769 and we’ll help get you ready for Rookie School.