Wave Watcher Academy

May 28th – May 31st

8:00 a.m. – Noon

Stewart Beach Pavilion

The Beach Patrol has been fortunate for many, many years to have great support from the community and county. We are so lucky that the hard work our guards do is recognized and appreciated and we recognize that that is something we continually need to strive to maintain. That’s a big part of why we have so many programs that tie to the community in which we are embedded, such as the Jesse Tree/Beach Patrol Survivor Support Network, our Junior Lifeguard Program, our School Outreach Program that provides instruction to over 30,000 children per year, and more.  One program that we’re particularly excited about and hope that many of you will participate in is the “Wave Watcher Program”.

The Galveston Island Beach Patrol Wave Watcher Volunteer Program is a way for citizens to join our team. It’s a mini lifeguard academy that is free of charge and that will serve as a force multiplier in our effort to prevent drowning deaths and aquatic accidents.

The first day will cover topics related to Beach Patrol history and operations, rip currents and general beach safety, “Code X” (witnessed drowning) procedures and victim recognition.  The second day will be dedicated to first aid and CPR specially tailored to the beach environment.  The third will focus on tourist ambassador certification (CTA training).  On the fourth day the focus will be on municipal ordinances related to the beach and waterfront, Beach Patrol operations, and Wave Watcher operations.  Finally, on the final day, we’ll do a site by site visit of the “hot spots” for water safety and discuss in detail how our Wave Watchers can integrate into our operations.  The course will culminate in a lunch with experienced Wave Watchers and Beach Patrol staff.

Once through the academy, Wave Watchers will be able to volunteer for various duties if they desire. They are able to help with our LCD (Lost Child Detail) on holidays, join us for special events and competitions, or assist with large-scale emergencies. Most importantly they will form a cadre of informed beachgoers who have “the eye”, so are able to spot trouble developing before it happens and notify us or other emergency service groups, so we are able to prevent the situation from escalating. This could happen in the course of their normal daily lives when they drive, walk, fish, surf, etc. along the beachfront. Or it could take place with a more organized activity. The level of commitment and involvement will be completely up to the graduates.

The class will cap at 50 and will be first come first serve.  There are no restrictions on who can participate and no physical requirement (like swimming, running, etc.).  Everyone is welcome.  There may be an option for virtual learning, in person learning, or a hybrid.

We hope you will join our team and family for a fun way to support a great cause!

To register please email:  gibpadmin@galvestonparkboard.org