Wash Your Hands!

It seems like the Corona virus has taken over our lives. Its already affected us at a pretty profound level even before most of us knows anyone that catches it. Even on the beach there is quite a lot of uncertainty, as we don’t really have a feel how schools being out or converting to e-learning, and closure of businesses will affect crowds and the demands they may or may not place on our lifeguard, park, maintenance and security staffing. We are, however, fortunate to have a very competent set of public officials in both the city and county. We, like many others, are provided with an abundance of relevant information and clear direction, which takes away some of the uncertainty about how to make good decisions in our piece of the pie.

Within the Beach Patrol we’re not only concerned with the safety of the people that use the beach and associated structures, but also for our employees and entire safety net. In a job like this there is not option to work remotely. This falls into both the actual protection of our employees/volunteers and into the perception of parents and potential Lifeguards, Junior Guards, Wave Watchers, Survivor Support Network Volunteers, etc. Our highest priority is the safety and security of our people. We understand that those who protect the public must first be protected and are making every effort to ensure our staff’s safety from the threat of the Corona virus.

We’ve come up with a detailed list of policy changes that we’ve enacted through the crisis. In addition to all the normal stuff you’ve been hearing, here are a few of the modifications specific to our world so you can see the types of changes we’re making:

• Guards will report directly to towers and trucks bring radios and bags directly to them.

• Supervisors will wipe the radios down when giving and receiving to/from guards each day

• Hand sanitizing station set up just outside of Beach Patrol HQ. All employees AND general public are required to clean hands before entering the office

• Daily sanitizing/cleaning of vehicles.

• Any physical contact with public outside of the ocean should be done using appropriate protective gear

• Classroom training reduced to the greatest extent possible but will allow for students to sit with a minimum of 7 feet apart at all times.

• Supervisors sterilize tower rails daily at end of shift

• Supervisors in trucks will be partnered with the same person to the greatest extent possible

• Supervisors will go straight to zones and are no longer required to go to headquarters to clock in. Guards will be clocked in and out remotely, so will not need to go to Headquarters.

• All assignments for towers or units will be communicated electronically so there is no need to come to lifeguard headquarters

• Group activities cancelled or postponed

Our goal here is to compartmentalize our people as much as possible. The worst scenario for the beachgoers is if a large portion of the staff was unable to work all at the same time.