Survivor’s Support Network

MISSION STATEMENT: It is the mission on The Jesse Tree’s Survivor Support Network to help the families and friends of drowning victims by delivering support through emotional, spiritual, and physical resources.  The intent is to assist the Galveston Island Beach Patrol and other Emergency Responders with this support during the recovery process to allow them to focus on their mission to recover the victim and to follow-up with support and assistance to the family and the Beach Patrol Members to encourage closure, healing and preparation for future incidents.  

The Jesse Tree’s “Beach Patrol Project” or Survivor’s Support Network (SSN) began with a few casual conversations between Chief Peter Davis of the Galveston County Beach Patrol and The Jesse Tree’s Executive Director Ted Hanley and the Director of Programs and Services, David Mitchell.   Recognizing the spectrum of needs for a family in the throes of a tragedy, such as a drowning,  Peter asked a few questions about how The Jesse Tree mobilizes resources for those in need.   Ted and David explained the process of “Resource Coordination” to provide holistic care to those in need and everyone realized the possibility and benefits of collaboration.

Vic Maceo, Director of the Galveston County Beach Patrol called a meeting that included members of the Park Board, The Jesse Tree, the Beach patrol, and the Ministerial Alliance and the project was born.

Each incident that calls The SSN to action provides an opportunity to learn how to better assist the family in crisis.  Translation, ministry, grief counseling, accommodations, meals, and negotiations with the County Coroner, foreign consulates, and funeral directors have all become standard procedures for the SSN.  Community patrons have generously contributed motel rooms, meals, “Compassion Kits” (coolers of juice, ice, snacks, towels, sun block, and umbrellas) as resources to assist the families.  Each year, we pray that no drowning will occur, but the SSN will be there to assist if needed.


The Survivor’s Support Network Team:

The Survivor’s Support Network Team (SSN) is composed of:

  • A representative of the Galveston Island Beach Patrol, who will contact a representative of The Jesse Tree to initiate the team response,
  • A staff member of The Jesse Tree who will coordinate the SSN project, train volunteers, and develop resources to respond to the needs of the victim’s families.
  • Volunteer translators.
  • Volunteer counselors.
  • Volunteer ministers.
  • Community volunteers.


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